"Towards Higher Summits"

House System

Tableland High School

THS has been established as part of the Secondary Education Modernization Programme(SEMP). This program seeks to effect a complete revision of the curriculum taught at secondary schools, moving from content oriented to a student curriculum thus contributing to an active and participatory learning environment at secondary schools. The goal is to teach students who are involved with the new curricula to think critically, to solve problems, to become autonomous and to become lifelong learners. In essence the objective is to teach students the skills that are considered necessary to succeed in a competitive global environment.


Physical Location  
Approximately 8 miles from Princes Town, in the County of Victoria, where the Hindustan Road to Devil's Woodyard rejoins the Naparima Mayaro Road at George Village is where THS will be found.

This institution has been constructed on an 8 acre parcel of land, carved out of the gently undulating pastoral lands which were formerly part of Caroni's La Gloria Estate, currently devoted to citrus production and the rearing of livestock animals.



The motto of Tableland High School is “Towards Higher Summits”. The school’s motto is an expression of our character and a statement of challenge. Our motto calls upon all of us, as members of this school community, to seek to establish in every activity and endeavour, greater heights of achievement and excellence than ever before.



“We at Tableland High School are committed to facilitating the holistic development of our students so that they can become lifelong learners, maximize their potential and contribute meaningfully to society.”



“This institution shall become the premier secondary school in the division, supported by its community, and recognized nationally and internationally for producing graduates who excel in their various spheres of endeavour.”