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House System

House System

THS recognizes the rich tradition of its pioneers – those individuals who have overcome the limitations of their time and have “scaled the heights” in making a sterling contribution to their community. Each of the houses of the THS has as its patron a distinguished personality of Tableland community whose record of service has been national in scope. These individuals are as follows:

  • Harold BADALOO (Educator),
  • Pearl BRUCE (Police Officer),
  • Ainsworth HAREWOOD (Economist)
  • Lionel SEUKERAN (Legislator, M.P.).


Upon entry to THS , each student will be assigned to one of these four houses. Students identify with their houses by wearing on their left shirt collar a button in the distinguishing colour of their house, as part of their school uniform. The colours are

  • Badaloo (orange),
  • Bruce (navy blue),
  • Harewood (green)
  • Seukeran (red)

The house system has and will continue to provide an opportunity for social interaction and cohesion, pastoral care and the leadership development of students.

The house system is deeply integrated into the co-curricular programme of THS. Some activities and inter-house competitions, which have been integrated into the house system, include:

  • Poetry
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Small goal football
  • 8k Marathon and Sports Day.



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